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The International Institute of Security (IISec)


The examinations offered by the Institute are the 'Certificate in Security Management' and the 'Diploma in Security Management' and are available to all persons working or preparing to work within the fields of industrial and commercial security.
The Certificate examination and is jointly accredited by City & Guilds and the International Institute of Security. On successful completion of this examination, individuals can apply for Membership of the Institute (M.IISec). The exam consists of six modules and is appropriate for those occupying middle security management positions.

One of the most basic steps when it comes to security is the use of locks. Make sure that all your windows are locked and are secure. Make sure that your doors are locked and secure. If you move home, make sure you change your locks so that only you have a key - as you don't know who the previous owners gave keys to. For help and information, speak to a locksmith, or check out this locksmiths website for help. It sounds basic, but it is the most common issue with security and is the key part of making sure a business, shop, house or vehicle is secure.

The higher, Diplomate examination is jointly accredited by NCFE and the International Institute of Security. On successful completion of this examination, individuals can apply for Diplomate membership of the Institute (Dip.IISec). This exam consists of five modules and is suitable for those occupying senior management positions. There is no set requirement for persons to sit the Member level examination before the Diplomate exam but candidates are strongly advised that the Certificate should be undertaken in the first instance.

The examinations are held twice per year, usually during May and November. Each module consists of one examination question paper of 60 minutes duration.

Examination centres in the United Kingdom are usually available at the following locations: Birmingham, London, Newcastle, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wakefield. Examinations are also regularly held at an arranged venue in Dublin, Eire, plus various overseas centres as required.

Candidates may elect to sit the whole or any part of either level of an examination in any one sitting, subject to prior registration and payment. Once a module has been passed it is credited to the individual and held on file until the remaining modules of the same level of examination, or ones which must be re-sat, have been passed.

Examination Study Material and Tuition

The recommended reading for study towards the Certificate examination is the 'Security Instruction and Guidance Manual', a loose leaf file with a full updating service which is published by and available from the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) plus Butterworth's Police Law, available from bookshops or directly from the publishers.

Reading references for the Diploma examination cover a range of publications appropriate to the contents of the Assessment Objectives, some of which will be of such importance to warrant personal copies with others in the form of further or peripheral reading which may be available and obtained on short term loan from local libraries.

Distance Learning Courses are available from the Caltrop College which tutors students to the levels required for success in these examinations.

Further information regarding study materials or the Distance Learning Courses can be obtained from:

The Caltrop College