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The International Institute of Security (IISec)

National and International Recognition – The qualifications awarded by the Institute (MIISec., Dip.IISec. and FIISec.) are recognised both nationally and internationally as standards of excellence in the knowledge and practice of corporate loss prevention. Current Institute membership extends to a number of countries. An Associate membership (AIISec.) is available to those persons who are preparing for full membership.

Influencing National Policy – The Institute is called upon by departments of national and local government as well as other official bodies seeking opinions on the practical application of security.

Professional Educational Opportunities – The Institute presents, primarily for the benefit of members and potential members, a series of professional educational opportunities in the form of both conferences and seminars and circulated material to which members are admitted at favourable costs.

Contacts – Contact with other local individual members can be established at area meetings. Contacts with other members who have specialist knowledge and skills can be arranged through the Institute office. The Annual General Meeting also presents an opportunity for establishing contacts.

'Institute News' – This is the quarterly journal of the Institute, sent directly to members free of charge, and contains items of topical news as well as opportunities for individual members to express their views on a wide variety of subjects and indications of the current attitudes of the Governing body.

Directory of Members – This is distributed free of charge to all members providing basic information on all fellow members, plus any specialisations and the geographic area of coverage for those in private practice.

'Security Voice' - A bi-monthly journal produced by the Joint Security Industry Council, particularly useful with regard to updated information about the industry, distributed free of charge to Institute members.

'Keypoint Information Service' - To be introduced from January 2013, an invaluable question and answer service available to all members on any security related subject, available through the Caltrop Consultancy.

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'Membership Cards' - To be introduced from January 2013, available to those members requiring a proof of membership identity card. Any comments you may have, please add to our Message Board.