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The International Institute of Security (IISec)

Security Methods

If you feel at risk because your home has previously been broken into there a several steps that you can take to make youcctvrself feel safe in your home again. These events are distressing for many people and can continue to cause stress until the criminal has been caught.

If a crime is not seen as a high risk or a threat it can take the authorities some time to find the criminal. If you wish to speed this process along, why not speak to a private investigator in London and see what they can do to help you.

Providing the protection is only one part of the whole package. A thorough threat assessment, if required, looks at all aspects of the at-risk persons life, this assessment can be made of residences, business premises and hotels and all the related security procedures.

Camera's and Security Systems

The first stage that many people will take that feel of risk is to install security camera's. There are many levels of security in terms of video recording, some systems allow you to watch to camera feed live, others will provide a recording service so that someone can look back at previously recorded footage. We recommend wireless CCTV.

Find out the truth with covert surveillance

Surveillance cameras are used in businesses, shops and homes as a means of protection and security. Not only do they aid in preventing robberies and break-ins, they can help with keeping your business a safe place to work.

Cameras prevent:

They also assist in making the building a safer, more protected workplace. But, surveillance cameras can also act as evidence if an employee lied about hurting themselves at work and are claiming against the business.

PI surveillance techniques

In addition, there are surveillance techniques that can be put in place by a London detective agency to help in finding illegal activity that may be occurring in a work environment.

Covert surveillance techniques includes resources such as sound recording, cameras and CCTV and can generate secluded data that can be used to prove somebody’s innocence or as evidence. See other effective techniques from a private detective.

Vehicle tracking is beneficial to businesses that have a fleet of vehicles with employees constantly on the road. You can track where they are at all times and if they are doing their job efficiently.